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LovABLE SERVICES is a Roanoke-based nonprofit with the mission to serve the needs of individuals with disabilities by creating opportunities to enhance life skills, social skills, and job skills through unique education, training, and gainful and meaningful employment. Our unique training program includes life, social, and job skills development in a safe and nurturing environment, culminating in job opportunities at our work site, Chris's Coffee & Custard. This program creates a sense of dignity, purpose and belonging for people with special needs, while providing the community with an inclusive business model that embraces the abilities of our young adults.

LovABLE SERVICES supports Chris's Coffee & Custard.  Chris's is the job training site for LovABLE SERVICES.  Chris's staff includes passionate and motivated support staff. We have on-site support staff who provide assistance, training and supervision in the day-to-day operations and help bridge the gap between the community and the people with special abilities who are integrating themselves in the workplace and every day life.  We strive to work together with young adults that have already completed their high school education as well as individuals that are still in our local school systems to improve transition outcomes from school training into employment opportunities in the community.  We are excited to see how these special individuals develop and create positive changes in themselves and our community.

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